Whether you’ve been putting off buying an electronic medical records (EMR) or you’re not in love with the one you have, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Integrity EMR for Eyes. Designed exclusively for eye care, this system intrinsically understands your unique needs and workflow to enhance your practice’s efficiency and improve the patient’s experience.


Equally important, our team will become a daily partner in your practice. Wherever you are on the EMR adoption curve, if you’re not using Integrity EMR for Eyes, you’re not as efficient as you could be.




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YES. Many doctors are (or should be) concerned about turning their backs to patients while entering data. They don’t want their patients to feel neglected or perceive the care they receive to be impersonal. Integrity EMR for Eyes is designed for quick entry without typing. Unlike other systems, patients don’t have to repeat information as they proceed through the clinic.


With Integrity EMR for Eyes, you can spend more time talking to your patients about their conditions and treatment and less time capturing data. And most importantly, the system can actually improve a patient’s treatment outcomes.



Many practices believe their current paper documentation is much faster than an EMR. And if you document without capturing the necessary clinic notes, data, and history the government now requires to justify certain levels of payment, that’s probably true. Many practices have decided that “taking the penalty” is less onerous than moving to an EMR. With most EMRs, that’s a reasonable trade-off. Things are different with Integrity.


Integrity EMR for Eyes is the most efficient way to document a clinical encounter on the market. You can take advantage of the benefits an electronic chart provides and eliminate the risk of BIG fines for practices that don't document completely and most who use paper don't. Think your practice is coding perfectly 100 percent of the time?  With Integrity EMR for Eyes, you will be.


We’ve repeatedly heard "when you can show me a system that helps me take better care of my patients, I'll convert.” And after seeing how Integrity EMR for Eyes can improve surgery and improve the patient experience, they typically do convert and join the Integrity community of users.



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It’s true that many EMRs are tough for your support staff to learn and use. Why change a patient recordkeeping system that’s not broken? Why require techs to click through multiple screens to enter the chief complaint (CC) and history and present illness (HPI)? With Integrity EMR for Eyes, there’s no need for multiple screens.


Technicians who use Integrity love the:

  • Simple screens and entry process
  • Ease of generating and submitting mandated Meaningful Use and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) reports
  • Automated coding, including ICD-10
  • Reduced opportunities to introduce mistakes
  • One screen access to all summary information about their patient


Once technicians begin to use Integrity EMR for Eyes, we find most prefer our EMR to paper.  And, they love having our support team there to back them up.



Paper may be easier than some EMRs for documenting patient cases, but paper becomes impossibly inefficient and time consuming when preparing all the reports necessary for billing, Meaningful Use and PQRS.  Not to mention the peace of mind a complete and thorough chart note brings for avoiding or defending audits.


See how Integrity EMR for Eyes effectively addresses each issue and turns the nightmare of paperwork into a good night’s sleep.


For an in-depth look at Meaningful Use requirements and how Integrity EMR for Eyes addresses the required reports, click here for our complete guide.


*reference:  https://www.cms.gov/eHealth/downloads/eHealthU_IntroMedicareEPs.pdf


Integrity EMR for Eyes automatically generates PQRS reports. Not only are monetary penalties avoided, but positive incentives are provided by Medicare for using effective, certified EHR systems like Integrity EMR for Eyes. Act now to make sure you avoid ever increasing penalties.  We’re also integrated to the AAO’s IRIS Registry.


ICD-10 is a reality as of October 1, 2015. Integrity EMR for Eyes actually determines the proper ICD-10 code for each visit based on the clinical documentation contained within the patient encounter. No special staff training required! Integrity EMR for Eyes ensures that you’ll always be ready with the appropriate billing codes, no matter where your reimbursement comes from.


You don’t have to commit fraud, such as submitting claims for patients you didn’t see or treatments you didn’t provide, in order to be audited. The federal government, as this link shows, is quite aware that many incorrect reimbursements are caused by coding errors and not fraud. But they still want to reduce these errors through audits or “claim reviews.”


Because Integrity EMR for Eyes generates coding based on the documentation in the system for each patient, it reduces the risk of over- or undercoding and therefore reduces the risks of a costly audit or claim review. We have found many practices undercode simply to lessen the risk of a government audit, foregoing clinically justified, earned reimbursements out of fear. Let Integrity EMR for Eyes give you the confidence to bill for all your justified services through complete and accurate documentation.  You’ll probably find that you’ll increase your revenue with reduced audit risk.


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The promise of EMR…Delivered.

Originally designed by a board-certified ophthalmologist for use in a busy clinical practice, Integrity EMR for Eyes is organized around your ophthalmic workflow, including the terminology, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, coding and more.


From day one, you’ll find Integrity EMR for EYES to be intuitive, easy to use, setup, learn and integrate into your busy practice. There’s no need to buy a new practice management solution, we integrate with most any system in the market today.


You won’t need in-house IT experts or a costly up-front investment because this is true cloud-based technology. We do all the installation, maintenance and training. You’re up and running fast on an easy system with great features that make Integrity EMR for Eyes an outstanding value.


An EMR system isn’t truly valuable unless it makes everyone at your practice more productive and improves patient service. That’s what Integrity EMR for Eyes does.



Imagine an EMR system you don’t have to wrestle with or bend to fit your needs. Integrity EMR for Eyes is here! It simply works as it should. With faster access to records and a tighter grasp on details, you’ll see greater productivity, better outcomes and happier patients.


As a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, Integrity EMR for Eyes is an innovative, web-based EMR platform that spares you the worry and hassle of upfront start-up costs, in-house technical expertise, and sizeable capital expenditures.


With our groundbreaking technology, your practice will realize many significant advantages:

  • A small implementation fee and a monthly licensing fee for continued use of the EMR will ease demands on your cash flow.
  • Access patient records and other data anytime and anywhere from any Web browser using any connected PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
  • Instead of the traditional client/server model—where you’re responsible for maintaining multiple servers at your worksite—this EMR is securely hosted at our cloud-based data operations center.
  • Rely on our powerful data encryption and cloud storage to keep your database safe from losses caused by catastrophic events like fire, flood, or theft.  Cloud technology allows for a level of redundancy and data protection a single practice could never afford on a stand alone basis.  This is why every major industry is converting to cloud technology every day.  We’ve been there for years.


To learn more about how easy it is to migrate to our advanced, cloud-based EMR, contact us today.



Administrator, Spectrum Eye Physicians



In many ways, the biggest obstacle to adapting an electronic medical records (EMR) system is the thought of having to change the way you have always done things. The idea that you now have to conform your practice procedures to accommodate an EMR can cause anger.


Integrity understands and that’s exactly why we created Integrity EMR for Eyes; To make an EMR that not only conforms to the way your practice has always worked, but makes it easier and faster to do what you do


A key part of that ease of use is ease of transition. Because it’s a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, you don’t have to worry about installing servers, software, security or upgrades. It’s all handled on the Web, so you can be up and running just by using your existing computers and an Internet connection.


Our implementation team sets up the system framework based on your current practice workflow for you, BEFORE we deliver the system.  This allows for the most efficient use of your staff’s time in learning and transitioning to a new EMR.


As your EMR partner, we provide the critical software technology and ongoing support you must have to serve patients in this new world of digital records. We take care of a critical piece of IT infrastructure, so you can deliver improved patient outcomes and outcome tracking.


And you can be assured that we’ll be your EMR partner as long as you need us to be. As a market leader with a strong financial foundation, we’re committed to always being the best ophthalmology and optometry EMR available. It’s all we do!



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Certification Number: 06052014-2361-6


Certified By: The Drummond Group (ONC-ATCB)


Modular Certified for 2014: Integrity EMR for Eyes v4.3


Modules Tested: 170.314(a)(1-15); (b)(1-5, 7); (c)(1-3); (d)(1-8); (e)(1-3); (f)(1); (g)(2, 3, 4)


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