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An EMR by Eye Doctors for Eye Doctors!

After frustrating attempts to implement and use various industry-leading EMRs at his busy ophthalmology practice, board-certified Ophthalmologist Dr. Kyle Smith embarked on a mission to develop a better solution—designed from the ground-up just for eyecare professionals.

With the help of top software developers, industry IT experts, and input from experienced clinicians nationwide, Integrity EMR for Eyes was born.

With an ever-growing customer base in the ophthalmic community, we strive to constantly refine the features and functionality of Integrity EMR for Eyes, based on input from that user base. Our passion for outstanding partner support extends beyond just service. We strive to provide unmatched vision and technical innovation so our cloud-based solution keeps pace with regulatory mandates, technological advances, and most importantly, the needs of your practice.

Our Core Values

We preserve INTEGRITY in all regards.

Integrity is much more than a name for us. It’s the core of how we function in all of our interactions with clients, partners and within our team.

We’re committed to QUALITY in all we do.

We’ll never compromise quality for speed. Our clients deserve the same quality from us as they provide to their patients.

We pursue and deliver INNOVATION.

We started Integrity to revolutionize the way EMR systems were used, and our team continues that pursuit every single day. Our product will never be complete. We’ll always deliver innovation based on feedback from clients.

We’re passionately COMMITTED every day.

We’re not a perfect company, nor do we have a perfect product for every practice. But we’re crazy about trying to be perfect everyday.

We’ll never be stagnant. We pursue GROWTH!

Our company, our product and our people will continue to grow over time. If we’re not growing, we’re not living up to our end of the partnerships we built with our practices.

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