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The mission of Integrity EMR is simple – to build the best eyecare EMR in the world. To accomplish this, we’ve focused on bringing together the best EMR technology and a team of committed support staff to create the highest performing EMR available today. We believe our clients deserve the same quality in EMR partnership as they provide to their patients, which is why we strive to customize and improve Integrity EMR for each client.

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Advanced EMR Technology
Advanced EMR Technology

Committed Team Support
Committed Team Support

Value and Performance
Value and Performance

Advanced EMR Technology

Advanced EMR Technology

Integrity was founded to revolutionize the way an EMR system could be used by the practice; efficient, effortless, and customized for each practice workflow. Integrity comes standard with industry-leading technology that will improve your patient care.



IntegriLINK for Diagnostic Devices

The data-intensive world of today’s eye care clinic demands rapid access to critical diagnostic information. OCTs, visual field tests, corneal mapping and drawings all need to be available when you need them to make the best care decisions for your patients. Seamless integration to your existing digital diagnostic equipment, and immediate access to those studies from the patient’s chart, anywhere, anytime make a world of difference in your efficiency as a provider and a practice.

That’s the value that Integrity EMR for Eyes—and its IntegriLINK feature—offers:

  • Seamlessly integrate virtually any digital diagnostic device, from the latest models to older, legacy systems
  • Centralize all patient data in a single, secure, searchable, relational database
  • Instantly import OCT and corneal topography exams, photographs, visual fields and more
  • Maintain comprehensive patient records and histories

With IntegriLINK, we connect your vital technologies so you can care for your patients.


We believe an EMR should make it easy to view, store, and compare diagnostic images. After connecting your diagnostic devices, IntegriVIEW offers a powerful functionality to view and save diagnostic images to improve patient care. Rapid, intuitive access to these views will make your workflow more efficient and you care superior to paper charts or other EMRs.

With IntegriVIEW, your diagnostic images will reveal a clear picture of your patient’s vision.



When working up patients, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why eye doctors love to draw pictures.

The IntegriDRAW feature of Integrity EMR for Eyes offers beautifully crafted templates that form the basis of each drawing, including:

  • Full retina
  • Macula
  • Optic nerve
  • Eyelids (open or closed)
  • Ocular motility
  • Iris lens
  • Cornea

After selecting a template, you can draw anatomically accurate renditions of your clinical findings using various drawing tools or previously created stamps.

When you complete your drawing, you can save and retrieve it for future viewing and easily edit it to document any changes you observe in future patient encounters.

Integrity Coding Engine

Coding with the Integrity Coding Engine is extremely fast, easy to comprehend, and remarkably accurate.

Once an encounter is complete, the Integrity coding engine calculates coding suggestions based on approximately 250 data elements derived from the documentation entered by the tech and the physician.  If the coding engine needs additional information to arrive at a proper code, it will present simple questions to the user in a clear and concise manner. Once those questions are answered, the coding engine automatically recalculates the data and presents the correct E and M or Eye Code suggestions. The code with the highest reimbursement is highlighted.

Providers can feel completely confident that if a code is suggested, it is supported by the documentation in the encounter.  ICD-10 diagnosis codes are also automatically generated from the encounter documentation as well. Finally, PQRS and CQM data are compiled and sent to the IRIS registry as a byproduct of the coding step in Integrity EMR for Eyes.

Accurate, compliant, built-in ICD-10 coding – a simple coding solution from Integrity.

Integrity Coding Engine
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Practice Management Integrations

For busy eyecare clinics, effective practice management is crucial for a smooth-running operation. Switching to a new practice management system can have a big effect on cash flow, staff, and overall operations.  If your current practice management system isn’t broken, should you have to replace it just because your EMR isn’t as efficient and compatible as you need it to be?

Integrity has chosen to focus solely on providing the best clinical EMR solution for the eye care market. We’ve built our EMR to seamlessly integrate with the leading practice management systems so you have more choices and less change when making your transition to EMR.

Integrity EMR for Eyes can integrate with any new or existing practice management system you wish to use, thus eliminating redundant entry into two systems.  We receive demographics and appointment scheduling data from your practice management system, and then pass back coding data once the encounter is coded and complete by the provider.

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Committed Team Support

Committed Team Support

Practice Configurable

Practice Configurable

Because Integrity is built only for eyecare practices, it is ready “out of the box” to seamlessly accommodate eye care workflows. On top of this, Integrity’s support team works with your practices to fully configure the workflow to ensure your Integrity EMR solution is easy to use, records the data you need, and helps you care for more patients in less time. Many EMR companies charge extra for custom templates, but with Integrity this support is included in our standard pricing because ensuring your EMR works for you is core to what we do.

Diagnostic Connections

Diagnostic Connections

We connect your compatible diagnostic devices, integrate your practice management system, help you easily configure it to your own preferences, and make sure everything functions in a seamless, intuitive, extremely efficient manner. And if you’re converting from an existing EMR, we work to convert your existing patient charts right into Integrity EMR.

If you want to relocate devices or computers, we’ll make sure your network is sending all the right data to the cloud and that you can get all the data exactly where you need it—even outside the office. Our team is committed to getting everything connected and communicating – your team focuses on the patient.

Data Migration Planning

Data Migration Planning

Practices using Integrity consistently tell us that their transition to Integrity EMR went much faster than they expected. But even though we know your staff will find our EMR easy to use, we also know that having a data migration plan is essential for the transition. That’s why we’ll help you formulate a comprehensive data migration plan for your practice, so you can determine what information in your paper records needs to be transferred, what can remain as paper only, and how long you want to continue with paper records going forward, if at all.

Our team has helped hundreds of doctors transition to EMR – supporting that transition through planning is what makes Integrity a true partner to your practice.

Comprehensive Ongoing Support

Comprehensive Ongoing Support

As your EMR business partners, we’re always available to help you resolve any issue that might arise. Comprehensive support is a basic part of the Integrity EMR for Eyes package. You’ll get upgrades and new features automatically as part of our standard offering. Unlike other EMR companies, there are no additional charges for Integrity’s ongoing support. Why should you have to pay your EMR company to ensure it’s working?

Because Integrity EMR is designed from the ground up to be so easy, intuitive and reliable, we expect to mostly be your silent partner, doing our job quietly in the background. So, while we’re happy to be taken for granted, we’re just as happy to listen to suggestions for improvements from our partners.

Built-In Compliance

Built-In Compliance

Some EMRs struggled or failed to meet Meaningful Use, ICD-10, or PQRS requirements. Fortunately, our product team has distilled the requirements specific for the ophthalmic workflow that will make your regulatory path to compliance much easier. And, our Client Services Team is here to help address any questions you may have along the way

Let’s face it – you don’t need to be thrilled about Meaningful Use, PQRS and VBPM. Integrity helps you understand and meet the challenges of these requirements so your practice can focus on the patient.

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Value and Performance

Value and Performance

Efficient Transition

Making the transition from paper to digital medical records is a major undertaking for any practice. Integrity works with each customer to provide a customized approach to data migration, staff training, and go-live. We’ll help you:

  • Understand your options
  • Assemble an interdisciplinary transition team of practice professionals to support your launch
  • Optimize the transition process and EMR system to your work flow
  • Link Integrity EMR to your diagnostic devices and practice management system

No practice is exactly the same, but every practice must transition to an EMR eventually. Integrity EMR is designed to be far and away the easiest solution for ophthalmologists and optometrists to adopt and use.

Easy To Use

In many ways, the biggest obstacle for many practice to adapting an electronic medical records (EMR) system is the thought of having to change the way you have always done things. The idea that you now have to conform your practice procedures to accommodate an EMR can cause anger.

That’s exactly why we created Integrity EMR; To make an EMR that not only conforms to the way your practice has always worked, but makes it easier and faster to do what you do. Our implementation team sets up the system framework based on your current practice workflow for you, BEFORE we deliver the system.  This allows for the most efficient use of your staff’s time in learning and transitioning to a new EMR.

And because of the intuitive nature of our product and the up-front work of our implementation team, we don’t require cutting back the patient schedule during implementation. There will be no lost revenue or declining cash flow due to a new EMR purchase or conversion.

Transparent Value Pricing

When choosing an EMR, understanding pricing and value is essential. How much will the system really cost you, what benefits are you receiving for your investment, and what hidden fees will you discover after launch in order to use and maintain the system. As a cloud-based software solution, Integrity EMR is an innovative, web-based EMR platform that spares you the worry and hassle of upfront start-up costs, in-house technical expertise, and sizable capital expenditures.

Our pricing model is simple, transparent, and fair – when you choose us, we become partners. We win together, lose together, and work together to ensure your EMR works properly, your staff can use it efficiently, and your patients are able to receive the care they deserve.

Complete Mobile Access

Traditional paper charts are available at one location and always at risk of fire, damage, or misplacement. Integrity EMR allows you to access patient records and other data anytime and anywhere from any Web browser using any connected PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. At home, moving between offices, or on vacation, Integrity’s cloud-based solution makes it easy for your staff to have complete access to the data you need.

But is the cloud as “safe” as a local EMR server or traditional paper charts? Yes! By reducing the risk of catastrophic events to your paper charts or local servers and protecting your records with powerful data encryption, we significantly reduce your risk of data loss compared to other chart and EMR options. Cloud technology allows for a level of redundancy and data protection a single practice could never afford on a stand-alone basis. This is why every major industry is converting to cloud technology every day. We’ve been there for years.

Eyecare Only

When choosing an EMR, one question is primary: should I choose an EMR built for many specialities and templates for eyecare? Or should I choose an EMR built specifically and only for eyecare? How you answer and understand this question will shape your EMR decision.

Developed in an intensive clinical setting and built only for eyecare, Integrity EMR elegantly addresses the real needs of practicing eye care professionals.

It’s so intuitive and easy to learn, and matches your existing workflow so well, your staff will immediately know where they are in the patient encounter and be up and running from day one. Every screen is meticulously designed to make interactions as efficient as possible, eliminate communication mistakes and seamlessly manage coding and compliance issues.

We believe that focusing only on eyecare is the only way to create the best eyecare EMR in the world. Give us 20 minutes of your time, and we know you’ll agree.

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