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Eye Surgeons of Indiana

“Make sure it’s useable.”

The world of EMR is full of lofty promises of new features, fancy functions, and modern convenience. In the real world, practices know that most EMRs fail to deliver on these promises. For Eye Surgeons of Indiana’s CEO Sarah Cwiak and Operations Manager Tina Allen, the goal given to them by their doctors was simple, yet profound: “Make sure it’s useable.”

Northwest Eye Surgeons

27 EMR Installations — One Winner

Many industry leaders have gone through one EMR installation. Others have gone through two or three. For Spencer Michael, healthcare consultant and current CEO of Northwest Eye Surgeons in Seattle, WA, the transition to Integrity EMR in December 2015 marked the 27th time he has led a practice in choosing and installing an EMR system, including six transitions out of NextGen and into other EMRs. And after 27 installs, Integrity EMR stands above them all.

Regional Eye Associates

Thousands in Cost Savings

It was January 2015, and April O’Brien and the team at Regional Eye Associates had a problem. A big problem.

“It was time to start reporting, and our EMR was totally unprepared for PQRS—they had been promising updates to the software, but the updates never happened. And then, when MU2 hit, there was just no way our EMR was going to be able to deliver for us.”

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