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Eye Surgeons of Indiana

Case Study

“Make sure it’s useable.”

Eye Surgeons of Indiana

8103 Clearvista Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46256

CEO: Sarah Cwiak
Operations Manager: Tina Allen

Doctors on Staff: 9
Number of Locations: 4

The world of EMR is full of lofty promises of new features, fancy functions, and modern convenience. In the real world, practices know that most EMRs fail to deliver on these promises. For Eye Surgeons of Indiana’s CEO Sarah Cwiak and Operations Manager Tina Allen, the goal given to them by their doctors was simple, yet profound: “Make sure it’s useable.”

“Early on, our doctors made a conscious decision to take the penalty and stay on paper,” Cwiak says. “There was nothing drawing us into the EMR options available.” Then, in early 2015, with ICD-10 looming and additional EMR options available, they began to look into it more deeply.

The first round of searching did not go well. “Most EMRs were just not a fit for us,” Allen says. “The larger EMR companies didn’t have ophthalmology workflows or templates that made sense. Many EMRs were hard to look at, use, and even understand at a basic level – they weren’t designed with techs or doctors in mind. And for others, the pricing model was frustrating – a base fee with lots of additional costs for extra functions, training, everything.”

“Then one of our surgeons attended a conference and heard a speaker from Integrity EMR. He came back to us and said, ‘This EMR actually looks useable.’ So we began to look into it more deeply.”

In addition to receiving a demo of Integrity at their practice, a team of three staff members visited a practice using Integrity in real time. “The site visit was incredibly helpful in helping us feel comfortable with Integrity. Demos can be controlled, but we had a chance to see the software in action. It sealed the deal for us.”

“Integrity EMR is easy to use. It gets the job done, and it’s not overwhelming.”

Tina Allen

It’s the perfect first EMR or EMR switch option, both in terms of price and function. Everything about working with Integrity is clear, up-front, and direct. The pricing is fair and clear. While a lot of other EMRs have pricing that includes a bunch of add-ons you need to purchase after launch, we love that Integrity has one monthly fee for everything. That’s the right model for us.”

Tina Allen
Operations Manager

“It makes sense out of the box. It’s intuitive and it just works.”

Graph describing the benefits gained from using Integrity EMR

Demos can be controlled, but we had a chance to see the software in action. It sealed the deal for us.”

Cwiak, Allen, and the surgeons of Eye Surgeons of Indiana found Integrity EMR to be a perfect fit for their needs, and an answer to their frustrations with other EMR options. “The most important part of Integrity is that it’s intuitive for the physicians,” Cwiak says. “They can sit down with it and start using it immediately, day one.”

Allen adds, “It’s also easy for the techs to understand and use. Because Integrity is built just for ophthalmology, it makes sense out of the box. It’s intuitive and it just works.”

Cwiak and Allen had planned a slow rollout based on painful transitions to EMR they had experienced and heard about from colleagues at other practices. “We had planned to do a slow build into Integrity, transitioning just a few patient charts each day,” Cwiak says. “However, Integrity was so easy to use, we had half our practice live on Integrity in just three days. All but one of the surgeons were live on Integrity before our first scheduled training. True story! It’s because Integrity just works; it works so well for eye care.”

“For us, the fact that Integrity is ophthalmology-only is vital— absolutely vital—to our adoption and use.”

So what should practices who are adopting or switching EMRs do? Cwiak sums it up perfectly: “I believe ophthalmology practices that spend just 20 minutes with the Integrity program will say, ‘Yep, this is it. This is the one.’ It’s that easy and intuitive.”

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