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Northwest Eye Surgeons

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27 EMR Installations — One Winner

Northwest Eye Surgeons

10330 Meridian Ave N #370
Seattle, WA 98133

CEO: Spencer Michael
Multi-specialty Ophthalmic Practice

Doctors on Staff: 21
Number of Locations:
10 (clinic and surgery)

Many industry leaders have gone through one EMR installation. Others have gone through two or three. For Spencer Michael, healthcare consultant and current CEO of Northwest Eye Surgeons in Seattle, WA, the transition to Integrity EMR in December 2015 marked the 27th time he has led a practice in choosing and installing an EMR system, including six transitions out of NextGen and into other EMRs. And after 27 installs, Integrity EMR stands above them all.

After using NextGen for five years, Northwest Eye began its search for a new EMR in October 2015. Michael led his surgeons in identifying three primary criteria for a better EMR. “First, it needed to have an intuitive workflow—no clunky technology or bulky templates that wouldn’t fit our practice,” Michael says. “Second, it needed to be web-based, built in the cloud and accessible remotely. Third, it needed to be cost-effective. For us, this meant less cash outlay and immediate ROI. It needed to generate value rather than cutting into our revenue.”

After a brief but deep search, the practice narrowed their list to three finalists. “All three of our finalists were good choices, but the other two were over double the cost of Integrity for the same features. In addition to Integrity’s value, what really impressed me was the way Integrity’s leadership made themselves available to us as we looked at the product. It meant a lot to have direct access to the Integrity team.”

“With Integrity, we immediately increased the number of patients we could see by 20% compared to NextGen.”

Spencer Michael

Spencer Michael, CEO

“You can’t make the transition to Integrity soon enough. It will change your practice.”

Michael’s experience was consistent with what he had heard about Integrity from others. “Months before our search, I was talking to an eye care practice and they absolutely raved about Integrity. Once we narrowed our search and started getting serious, I understood why. Integrity has been there for us.”

Once they decided to go with Integrity, they couldn’t get away from NextGen soon enough. “We decided relatively quickly to just rip the bandaid off and make the transition. End of day Friday, we were still using NextGen. The following Monday morning, we were live on Integrity. It was amazing—zero down time and we began seeing a higher volume of patients almost immediately.”

As Michael and his team settled into their Integrity EMR system, the additional benefits to the practice quickly became clear.

“Number one—our doctors began saving a huge amount of time compared to their work on NextGen. You cannot overestimate the importance and value of the time savings of Integrity compared to other EMRs. From go-live and staff training to ongoing daily use, Integrity saves us time. And time is money.”

“Number two—on our previous system, the surgeons were a bottleneck on the EMR, and it was affecting their clinic. Surgeons want to care for patients, and most EMRs get in the way of that. Integrity is different. I remember early on, one of my surgeons finding me during clinic and saying, ‘Look, I’m in the hallway! My charts are done!’ Integrity streamlines the work and gets the doctors back to patient care.”

“Number three—Integrity is so much easier to use than other EMR options. Our doctors complete their charts faster. Our staff onboard faster. Everything is faster and easier with Integrity.”

Now almost a year into their use of Integrity, Michael remains very satisfied with the product and the support Integrity provides. “Their support response time and level of service continue to blow me out of the water,” he says. “Like any EMR, the product isn’t perfect, but overall we are very pleased with Integrity.”

After 27 EMR installs, Michael has seen it all. He’s confident that Northwest Eye has found a long-term partner in Integrity, and he has a simple belief about what other eye care practices should do: “You can’t make the transition to Integrity soon enough. It will change your practice.”

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