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Regional Eye Associates

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Thousands in Cost Savings

Regional Eye Associates

1255 Pineview Drive
White Birch Towers
Morgantown, WV 26505

Special Projects Coordinator: April O’Brien

Multi-specialty Ophthalmic Practice
Doctors on Staff:
10 Surgeons
Number of Locations: 6

It was January 2015, and April O’Brien and the team at Regional Eye Associates had a problem. A big problem.

“It was time to start reporting, and our EMR was not fully ready for PQRS—they had been working on updates to the software, but the updates weren’t ready in time. And then, when MU2 hit, there was just no way our EMR was going to be able to deliver for us in a timely manner.”

That realization was the start of their journey into a new EMR. After a dedicated search, they transitioned to Integrity EMR in May 2015 and haven’t looked back.

“Our high-volume doctors wanted a new EMR that was fast and intuitive, easy to access remotely and available to them while they were on call at various locations,”O’Brien says. “It was also imperative that we felt a new EMR would be simple to train our staff of over 100 to use.”

After choosing a small number of final options, O’Brien and key team members from Regional Eye took part in software demos to see the EMRs in action. “When the Integrity staff gave a group demo to our surgeons, there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the entire team. We were blown away with the advanced features offered by Integrity and how easy the entire product is to understand.”

“With Integrity our workflow is quicker and our patient care is more complete.”

“Integrity’s toggle button makes it easy to quickly view and compare multiple patient encounters on one screen.”

Compared to finding and reviewing multiple patient charts, or the non-intuitive workflow of other EMRs, Integrity’s toggle feature saves doctors and staff time. In any part of the encounter the information from previous visits is available at the touch of a button.

“Using Integrity makes our work more accurate and easier. It makes practicing eye care more fun.”

While the demo itself was impressive, nothing could have prepared O’Brien and the team for the impact the actual transition to Integrity would have on their practice. “Our go-live with Integrity was fantastic. I began customizing the product and adding our keywords and workflow about a month ahead of launch. After go-live, we entered a couple patients into Integrity each day, but we ramped up much more quickly than we anticipated. Three or four weeks after go-live, we were completely on Integrity. Six weeks after launch, our first doctor was completely paperless. Six months after launch, over half our doctors were completely paperless in most of our offices. It’s been just an amazing transition.”

And with the rapid transition has come rapid, meaningful ROI for the practice. “We’re saving money on printing paper charts and exam results. We’ve streamlined our technician and front desk staffing because our workflow is simplified,” O’Brien says. The practice is experiencing thousands in operational cost savings thanks to Integrity.

“Our average patient visit times have dropped from 2 hours down to 45 minutes. Patients are so happy with our efficiency.”

On top of the operational ROI, Integrity plays a vital role in building staff morale. “The seamless, intuitive workflow improves our staff performance and morale and results in better patient care,” O’Brien says. “Using Integrity makes our work more accurate and easier. It makes practicing eye care more fun.”

Thousands in cost savings. Engaged doctors. Happier staff. Faster, more accurate patient care. Integrity has become an essential partner for Regional Eye Associates. “Frankly, we wouldn’t care what Integrity costs,” O’Brien says. “Whatever the cost, we’d buy it. That’s the kind of impact it has on our practice.”

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